Matcha Shops in NYC

I’m very fortunate to be heading to New York City tomorrow, and so (of course) I’ve been researching the best places to grab some tea and matcha while I’m there. While looking around for info I stumbled upon this great video by Milkbox, who filmed a matcha tour of NYC! It was fun to get to see all the matcha stuff she tried, and gave me some inspiration for places to check out. Here’s the video – additionally if you’re into goth lolita or kawaii stuff she would be a great person to follow.

So far my only concrete tea-related plan in while I’m in NYC is to attend a Shincha preparing workshop at Ippodo, which I’m really excited about. I have a list of places I’ll be visiting now thanks to Milkbox, but if anyone has any other recommendations for places to check out, please leave a comment!

Next week I’ll have another article translation to post (hint: if you like both matcha and beer you won’t want to miss it!), and in two weeks I’ll be posting an extensive report of my own on NYC matcha/tea places. Thanks for reading 🙂  ❤